Perfect lashesThere are many lash brands available on the market and chances are that you have already trained with one of them. Would you however like to benefit from our unique features and high-quality standard? We can offer you our one day Convert Training to become a CT Lash Professional.

Upon joining CT Lashes you will be able to benefit from exclusive offers in our professional webstore, free shipping within Italy, ongoing salon support with regards to all the different aspects of your business and online salon finder listing. The guarantee of our high-quality treatments and unique treatment techniques can give the profits of your salon a real lift and will differentiate your business from other salons throughout all Italy.

Interested in our Convert training? Contact us to inform us on your current training details and we will design a tailor-made program according to your background in lash extensions.

What does your Convert training include?

What does your Convert training include?

Professional Syllabus

This syllabus contains all the theoretical information you will need to become a CT Lash Professional. The anatomy of the eye, differences in lash extensions and the one-by-one application technique are all described extensively. This way it provides you with a solid background. At CT Lashes we believe that knowledge is power and this comprehensive theory will make all the difference in your training.

Practical training

During the practical part of the training you will update your current skills and learn how to master the application of lash extensions by using the CT Lashes one-by-one technique. This 90 minute treatment is the perfect solution for regular clients of your salon who are looking for semi-permanent fuller lashes. The training skills include the use of different lash curls, lengths and thicknesses, the use of professional adhesives and eye mapping. Besides that you will learn all about lash cleansing, maintenance and removal procedures.

Evaluation of case studies

We will ask you to fulfill at least three case studies at home after completion of the training. By taking pictures of this we can evaluate your application technique and, if necessary, provide you with extra tips on how to improve your lash treatments in order to become a true CT Lash Professional.

Course details

Course details

Course duration: one day

Location: at our headquarters in Rome or at a different location upon request

Training day: Duration from 10:00 till 17:00

Morning program: theoretical and practical

  • The CT Lash system and conversion
  • Necessary tools
  • Eye anatomy
  • Selection of the right lash curl, length and thickness
  • Application of different lash effects

Lunch (we will arrange for a full lunch, please advise us at forehand about any specific wishes or allergies)

Afternoon program: practical

  • One-by-one application technique
  • Practice this technique on a real model

Case study evaluation: You will practice the CT Express Lash technique after your training with at least three cases. By taking pictures of this we can evaluate your skills and, if necessary, give you tips on how to further improve your treatments.

Course syllabus: Key learning points

  • CT Lashes lash extension application
  • Use of different lash curls, lengths and thickness
  • Use of professional adhesives and bonding techniques
  • Eye mapping techniques
  • Lash cleansing, maintenance and removal procedures

Starter kit: Upon the beginning of the training you will receive your own starter kit, with which you can provide 20 to 25 full lash treatments and contains all the necessary tools. The starter kit contains the following products

Certificate: After successfully fulfilling your CT Express Lash training you will receive an official certificate

Benefits: As qualified CT Lash Professional there are several benefits you will profit from

  • Exclusive offers in our webstore
  • Free shipment within Italy
  • Ongoing salon support
  • Online salon finder listing