About CT Lashes

High-quality lashes applied by highly-skilled lash professionals. CT Lashes was founded by Caroline Houben and Tirza van Dam to set new industry standards and make beautiful lashes available for everyone.

Dedicated to Lash Perfection

Full and sensual lashes can completely change the way you feel about yourself, leaving you more confident. Lash extensions can provide exactly this by having your eyes stand out, either in a very natural looking way or more glamorous with maximum volume. CT Lashes is the newest sensation in the world of beauty and we would like to invite you to get to know us better!

We are dedicated to lash perfection, giving our clients the lashes they have always dreamed of in completely safe way. We believe that safe and high-quality treatments start with superior training, paying attention not only to the techniques but also to theoretical knowledge about the eyes and even dermatology. This is exactly what we provide so that you can go get your luscious lashes, knowing you are in good hands with a CT Lash Pofessional.

An important aspect for the CT Lash Professionals is the ongoing salon support we offer, online and in person. We are always here to help! Besides that we offer refresh courses on the different application techniques. This will leave every Lash Professional fully qualified and confident about our lash treatments.

Our Founders

Caroline Houben

Caroline Houben

Ever since I was just a little girl, I have had a passion for beauty and everything that is related to this fascinating world. It was thus like a dream come true to be able to write my MBA thesis on Marketing and Entrepreneurship in Rome with the renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Fabio Fantozzi. After completing my MBA I returned to The Netherlands, where I got to sparkle my passion for beauty even further by working as a Commercial Manager for a great Dutch cosmetics brand geared towards skin improvement. This is also where I met my business partner Tirza van Dam.

As Rome never completely left my hart, I decided to move back there halfway through 2015 to continue my career in the beauty industry in the eternal city accompanied by Tirza. Being an avid user of eyelash extensions myself, I set out to find a highly qualified lash professional to continue my regular treatments. Much to my surprise I found out that lash enhancement treatments were not very known yet in this metropolis and especially volume lash extensions were nowhere to be found. To this end I decided to take matters into my own hands and start a new high-quality brand, dedicated to lash perfection and providing the latest techniques and innovations on the field of lash extensions to the always fashionable Italians. CT Lashes was born and speaking for both Tirza and myself, I can say that we are very proud to be able to enter the market of lash extensions and are looking forward to contribute to the professionalism of the industry.

Tirza van Dam

Tirza van Dam

Would you have told me 5 years ago that by this age I would have started my own brand for lash extensions I probably wouldn’t have believed you. Through my final internship and thesis for my Master’s in International Business Economics I came to work for a renowned Dutch cosmetics brand geared towards skin improvement. As International Sales Manager my main focus was to create international business opportunities, with my biggest project being to introduce and market another big cosmetics brand from Greece to the Dutch beauty market. This is where my passion for the beauty industry was born and where I met my current business partner Caroline Houben.

Having lived abroad for a few years has always inspired me to look beyond the boundaries that are set and when Caroline asked me to join her and come to Rome I didn’t have to think twice about accepting that offer. Pursuing a career in the beauty industry has brought us in touch with lots of high-end beauty salons and to our surprise we noted that in the metropolis of Rome lash extensions were not a well-known beauty treatment yet. This gap in the market made us realize that this was an opportunity to bring professional and high-quality lash extensions to Italy, as this is a much requested treatment in this age where Kim Kardashian leads the way and beautiful woman on Instagram have us craving for flawless faces with beautiful lashes. What is important to us at CT Lashes is the choice between different lash treatments, which offers each unique individual to choose the desired results that suits them best. Professionalism, lash safety and durable results are core to our brand.